What We Offer

Through Cela product lines, coffee ordering & distribution services to businesses, HORECA channel and final consumers, we intend to build an exceptional business model. Cela coffee’s primary products are based on a more robust and exotic coffee, which Finnish and European coffee companies consume. We plan to expand our distribution to other regions of Europe, Canada, and North America and develop quickly in Finland.


Silta Asia Oy can give its clients products and services suited to their tastes, an essential aspect of its service approach. Wholesalers, HORECA operators, and other online retailers are the company’s primary distribution channels. Cela Coffee, the product’s trademark, is already registered in Finland and Europe. Customers can choose to order from our available Cela product lines such as 3in1 instant coffee, freeze dried 100% arabica instant coffee, barista blending ground coffee with bulk price or customize their own coffee tastes to distribute in Europe or other countries in the world.
Furthermore, our diligent crew delivers excellent customer service, answering all clients’ questions. We place a premium on client happiness. Silta Asia Oy provides services to both consumers and businesses.
What We Offer

Services To Businesses And Horeca Channel

Silta Asia Oy has a brand-new membership-based service bundle. This comprises monthly fresh coffee delivery from Silta Asia Oy’s warehouse to the customer’s preferred address. Companies, hotels, restaurants, and cafés will be our primary customers. Silta Asia Oy offers free design service to its clients and the procurement of packaging materials and packaging for the required package design. In addition to Cela brand items, the firm provides clients with the option of ordering coffee with their logo. We like collaborating with others to develop and sustain a high-quality coffee program. Whether you’re a tiny bakery hoping to sell wonderfully brewed coffee, a high-volume café trying to produce beautiful lattes for your customers, or a hotel devoted to creating an exceptional experience for your visitors, we want to be there.

Customized Coffee Products

We provide coffee services tailored to your desires. Silta Asia Oy has a digital Cela coffee platform that will allow customers to build their coffee based on their favorite beans. Robusta and Arabica are two examples. We ensure that the percentages of strong and smooth, sweet coffee tastes are appropriately mixed.

Silta Asia Oy supply the appropriate toast level. Light, medium, or dark toasting options are available. Filter, suede, cold soup, or packaging process determines how many grams, either in a bag or box, are among the brewing methods. The buyer can then request a different test sample or a regular-sized delivery of the goods to their preferred address.

We also provide freeze-dried instant coffee and 3-in-1 mix instant coffee in individual package.  Customers will be able to get high-quality, fresh coffee delivered to their homes monthly. Silta Asia Oy will also give its clients a low-risk, no-commitment trial version of the service because of its unique business strategy. We treat our customers with respect and high-quality coffee.

Let us know how you like your coffee and we will get back to you with an amazing taste ready to deliver at your doorstep.
What We Offer