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Silta Asia Oy

Silta Asia Oy is a family-run food commerce company that was founded in 2018 by Cuc Pulli and Mauri Pulli. We have now established a coffee brand named Cela that aims to bring coffee drinkers more choice and bring to life authentic Vietnamese flavors in a relentless quest to find the perfect cup of coffee.

Our coffee is made from the highest quality beans, and we value ourselves in having second to-none customer service. We pride ourselves on being the company in Finland that provides companies and individuals with personalized coffee products. We allow customers to build their very own coffee based on their preferences, using flavors that they desire and their favorite coffee beans.

About Us
About Us

Our Core Value

Silta Asia Oy’s revolutionary service concept makes it simple for customers to try new types of coffee. The flavor shows the attention to detail that goes into cultivating, transporting, and eventually roasting these coffees. Our goal is to make our customers feel better than they did when they first walked in.

We have a new sort of membership-based service package. Silta Asia Oy may also provide its clients with a low-risk, no-commitment trial version of the service because of our innovative business strategy.

Our best practices

Our goal is to provide an excellent experience for everyone involved, the best coffee for our customers, and the best environment possible. We source our premium whole beans and ground coffee beans from one of Asia's most significant coffee-producing countries. However, we don't sell captive Luwak coffee; instead, we support the Wildlife Alliance. Donating to local causes is something we like doing.

We aim to end the consumption of captive Luwak coffee in Vietnam and other parts of the globe by contributing a portion of our profits to help stop the consumption of captive Luwak coffee. We use environmentally and socially sustainable approaches. We assist in the maintenance of a healthy ecology and providing a decent life for their clients.

Meet our team

Silta Asia Oy's core team

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Cuc Pulli Managing Director
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Mauri Pulli Country Manager
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Suvi-Tuuli Lehtinen Sales Manager
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Peter Aziati Logistics Manager
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Ngan Phan Purchasing Manager

The company is family business owned by Cuc Pulli and Mauri Pulli. Cuc Pulli is the Managing Director of the company, she has completed two MBA degrees in international business and Entrepreneurship in Spain and Finland, has over 10 years of experience in international business – trading with Japanese, German, Chinese and Asian companies. She speaks English, Vietnamese, and moderate Finnish with the support of Mauri Pulli, a Finnish-speaking member. Mauri is the country manager of the company and has worked in the paper manufacturing industry for over 15 years.

Suvi-Tuuli Lehtinen has an entrepreneurial background, specialising in sales, finance, and marketing. She has worked for more than 15 years in international environments such as Finland, Dubai, Tanzania, and Kenya. Peter Aziati graduated with a master’s degree in Economics from Häme University of Applied Sciences and gained experience in working in Ghana. Ngan Phan has experience in the food industry (spices) at KSS Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Japanese) and specializes in procurement.