3in1 Instant Coffee

3in1 instant coffee

The 3-in-1 coffee contains coffee, sugar, and creamer, making it ready to use at any time you need to get your coffee fixed. That means you don’t need extra ingredients, just water, and a cup to enjoy coffee. This dark roast coffee blend (medium roasted) or lighter (light roasted) is the perfect choice for home use, for office mornings when you need an energy boost, on vacation, or even while camping. Easy to prepare and highly soluble, it saves you time and effort, dissolving instantly without needing a spoon! Unlike similar products on the market, this Cela instant coffee is made with the finest coffee, carefully selected to preserve the intense flavor for a velvety elegant taste in every sip. This instant coffee gives you a chance to receive your daily dose of coffee at any time for some subtle sweet and acidic notes every day. The coffee is filled with caffeine that keeps you alert for a healthy day.

Our 3in1 Instant coffee comes in sticks that perfectly preserve the aromas and taste of the coffee, giving it longer shelf life. The stick is easy to use and fits one cup use.

3in1 instant coffee
3in1 instant coffee

The Convenience

Why choose Silta Asia Oy 3in1 coffee? Because it is both incredibly convenient and superbly delicious. All you need is a cup of hot water and voila, you have a delicious cup of coffee. No brewing required! It has all the flavor and aroma of brewed coffee, without all the work. Our 3in1 comes premixed with delicious coffee, non-dairy creamer and tiny granules of high-quality sugar. Just add water and you’re ready to go!

If you are a busy person who doesn’t have time for making a laborious cup of coffee every morning, then our 3in1 instant coffee is the perfect solution. It’s fast, convenient, and tastes amazing!

The Roast

Our delicious 3 in 1 instant coffee comes in 2 flavor profiles: light roast and medium roast. Roasting is the process of turning fresh, green coffee beans into brown, fragrant beans that we savor the smell of when brewing our morning cup of joe. The 2 types of coffee bean roasts for you to choose from are:

  • Light Roasted – for those who enjoy their coffee smooth and silky
  • Medium Roasted – for those who enjoy bold, intense flavours

Coffee beans that are roasted for longer periods of time turn darker in color and develop a greater flavor and fragrance. Also, the more time they’re roasted for, the less caffeine and acidity they have. 

Not sure which flavor profile you prefer? We also sell our products as samples! You can try different roasts and blends until you discover the one that ticks all your boxes!